Our Vision
To open a global market for artists to have a chance to sell and profit from their talent.


Teecanva was established in late 2020. The pandemic resulted in job losses in the United States, and the founder was not immune. While sick and isolated with COVID, the founder taught how to start an online business to supplement one’s income.

The founder’s background in technology made it easy to come up with the idea to start a t-shirt design company. Furthermore, the founder recognized the need for African designs in the global marketplace. He wanted to create one-of-a-kind designs to carve out a niche for African designers who want to showcase their talent in the fashion industry while also earning a decent living.

The company began selling online through its original website, www.vkisii.com, in the month of May 2020. Based on preliminary research by the product development team, the domain name did not resonate well with customers after the first three months of operation. Teecanva domain name was approved due to its wider reach, and we have been using it since then.

Teecanva is a start-up with the potential to dominate the African fashion industry. The countries of Africa are rich in artwork, art collections, scenic locations, and talented fashion designers. Wearing a teecanva t-shirt relaxes you.




Some of our fantastic t-shirt designs feature major African cities such as Nairobi, Lagos, and Pretoria. Zimbabwe’s waterfalls, Kenya’s great rift valley, Africa’s diverse wildlife, and its people’s cultural heritage are just a few examples of our massive t-shirt collections.



We are proud to be a company based in the Southwest of the United States. We are a team of dedicated, creative individuals who each bring their own set of skills and personalities to the office. We are committed to providing our clients with excellent service. Our customers love our t-shirts because they allow them to connect with people and places all over the world.


It’s no secret that we have a talented team of people who ensure that operations run smoothly and that our customers are satisfied. However, every successful t-shirt and apparel designer is supported by a team of reputable, highly skilled apparel manufacturers who make it all possible. From pioneers and household names like American Apparel, Cotton Heritage and Gildan to innovative trendsetters like Next Level Apparel and Bella+Canvas, we make a conscious decision to offer apparel from brands that share similar values, are committed to ethical business practices and corporate social responsibility and are always looking for new ways to source their apparel sustainably.


Teecanva believes it is critical to provide our employees with the tools they need to give back to the community that has given us so much. Three charities have been chosen to symbolize the teecanva culture and team. Teecanva employees choose a charity to which Teecanva will donate in their honor each year, and we double their donation. We also believe in the power of small, regional charities that can efficiently carry out their missions while having a direct impact on the communities in which they operate.

Charities Teecanva is supporting in 2022